Why Brushstrokes Interiors?

Why Brushstrokes Interiors?

Interior market is a very competitive market. There are so many options to choose from. When you come to brushstroke’s interiors, we make sure that you get what you want and more. Brushstrokes is a full service, interior design firm in Pune specializing in classic design with simplicity. We are led by our desire to create meaningful spaces that enhance the quality of your life.
At Brushstrokes, we focus on working closely with clients to create personalized, stress-free design experiences, helping families and businesses express themselves through their unique spaces. We are committed to creating beautiful designs that not only look great but also represent your lifestyle, taking our own tastes out of the equation and focusing on your personal style.

Here are few of why you should choose Brushstroke’s Interiors:

1. Best Design Approach in Limited or Given Customer Pricing:

We always make sure that all the customers get best service and that the quality doesn’t compromise because of pricing.

2. Designing Charge/ Fee Include in Total Project Costing:

The project always has transparency, there are no hidden charges. The designing fee is included in the total cost of the project.

3. Products Customization:

All our projects are unique and make you stand out from the crowd. There is customization available for the products used.

4. Detailed & Reasonable Self Designed every minute detail of Project:

We have a minutely detailed work plan of the project. We also take care to personally design and carry out the project.

5. Product Guarantee for Minimum 5 Years:

We at Brushstroke’s interiors prefer quality, and with quality comes assurance. All of the products used come with a guarantee of minimum 5 years.

6. On Site Supervision & Door to Door Material Choice /Sample Option:

We like to make things easy for you, we have an on-site supervision. The sample testing/ material selection is door to door.

7. Understanding Clients Psychology & Accordingly Reflect that in Design:

 We don’t believe you something out of catalogue, we understand client’s psychology and reflect that into our designs.

8. Suggestions of Guaranteed & Tried & Tested Material:

We don’t just go with flow and end up giving clients a failed project, we make sure that everything is tried and tested.

9. Maximum Products Used to be Of Market Standardized Brands & Labels:

Like said before we believe in quality and hence almost all our products are the best in market standards.

10.  Work Committed on Time Submission/ Hand Over:

We value time and that is why always deliver on time.

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